In high school, Dr. Carlson was an All- State athlete in Field Hockey and Softball. 

      She earned an athletic scholarship for Softball to Penn State University where she was a 4-year starter and the Captain of her team her Senior year. 

      In 2000, Dr. Carlson was named to the Bergen Record's All-Century Team in Softball and All-Decade Team in Field Hockey. 

      In March 2011, Dr. Carlson will be inducted into her high school alma mater, Northern Valley Regional at Demarest’s, Athletic Hall of Fame.

Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology involves preparing the mind of an athlete to compete at peak levels with consistency. Athletes of all abilities and levels can improve their performance through mental skills training. In her work with athletes, Dr. Carlson applies her first-hand, competitive athletic and coaching experiences with research-based methods to help athletes improve their motivation to train, sharpen their focus during competition, and peak for their competitions.  

Dr. Carlson has trained and competed at some of the highest levels available for her sports. Therefore, her first hand experience allows her to fully understand what it takes, not only physically but mentally, to consistently train, endure, and perform at peak athletic levels in order to compete with the best. Her athletic experiences and understanding of what is truly required to excel athletically, combined with my clinical psychological training, allows her to help today’s athletes prepare for the most important moments in their athletic careers.

Performance enhancement methods include visual imagery and mental practice training, cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, self-regulation training, and preparing for success techniques. Effective goal setting, positive self-talk and imagery, focus control, managing emotions effectively, and improving self-confidence can all be taught and honed through hard work, repetition, and practice.

Dr. Carlson works with athletes of all abilities and levels in order to provide them with the tools they need to identify and work through their mental barriers to success, and not only perform, but to thrive under pressure.