Tutoring Services including Orton-Gillingham reading instruction

Certified regular and special education teachers will work with your child on any identified areas of weaknesses to help your child achieve his or her maximum academic potential. Orton Gillingham & other multisensory reading instruction techniques are also available. Tutoring can take place in the home or at the office locations. With your consent, tutors will collaborate with teachers and any other professionals working with you child, as needed.

Tutoring services are available for:
  • Reading, Writing, Math, & any other areas of academic concern
  • SAT, ACT, standardized testing preparation
  • College Essays/Applications
  • Organization, Planning, Study Skills
  • Test Taking Skills

Cognitive Remediation

Cognitive remediation is the process of retraining or improving cognitive functions. The goals are to strengthen weaknesses, train compensatory strategies, practice skills, and improve attention, concentration, mental efficiency, and impairments identified in the neuropsychological evaluation. These skills are generalized to "real-life" functioning.

Cognitive remediation is indicated in situations in which an individual has sustained brain dysfunction or injury resulting from a variety of circumstances. Most commonly, cognitive remediation is used in cases of post concussion syndrome, head injury, as well as other neurological conditions, such as ADHD.

Cognitive functions which may be improved include sensory/perceptual skills, visual/spatial abilities, mental speed/efficiency, flexibility, physical/mental coordination, memory, problem solving skills, planning, reasoning, attention and concentration, and general intellectual skills.